HISTORY page 2
Upon retirement at the age of 63, Bob made a list of
projects that had to be finished now that he was "free"
to do so.  Lighthouse was one of these.  One of the first
pieces of advice in all the "how-to" books is not to write
the whole play yourself.  Get a librettist!  So an
advertisement went into the local newspaper.
John Chandler was one of six people answering the ad
and responded to Bob's outline with enthusiasm.  He felt
that it was an easy job to just glue the songs together
with some dialogue.  He was the obvious choice to be
the librettist.  After several meetings, the advantage of
having two heads thinking about the play was clear.
With each to urge the other on, great progress was made in a very short time.  Scenes were written, songs were composed, lyrics came as if by magic.  Bob wrote on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes as the energy continued.  John worked tirelessly at his laptop.
Click on image to see lyric originals.
The Golden Age Of Male
The Whispers
On The Wings Of A Bird 
John's contacts at The Robert M. MacNamara Foundation Artist Residency Program where he has been a resident writer in the past, proved to be the entry into the next chapter of this story.